SD-WAN : The Goldilocks solution for midsize companies

Remember the story of Goldilocks? Every chair she tried was either too big or too small. Some furniture was enormous and the rest were tiny. Nothing was a perfect fit. The Goldilocks dilemma [...]


IoT- not so rosy? 10 things to check before submitting your PO.

While our industry may be well known for its marketing hype, when looking back over my 30 years in IT, I have come to understand that our industry’s marketers have a tendency to start fussing [...]


Traditional store connectivity networks no longer support retailers.

As an industry that is always under profit margin pressure, retail has been particularly challenged and disrupted by the rise of digitalisation.   The Internet has led to the growth of [...]


How to Get the Network Support Contract You Really Need

Have you ever tried to raise a support case on your networking equipment, only to find that your support contract had lapsed, or your network device was End of Life. Or has the Service Desk asked [...]


Is the firewall dead?

Not according to two of the top four selling vendors in the market. Both Juniper Networks and Palo Alto Networks have presented their vision for the evolution of the Firewall with their partners [...]


Finally a Software Defined solution that make sense for Corporates

‘Software Defined’ networking (SDN) has been capturing headlines and marketing dollars throughout 2014 and 2015 but I have struggled to see the ROI for most enterprise organisations until late [...]


Why Enterprise CTO’s should think more like Telco CTO’s.

Telco networks are undergoing tremendous change. Challenged by significant reductions in their traditional service model (how many of us still use a landline at home?) and 3rd parties adding [...]