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Junos Start Program

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It’s not often that you get something for nothing. At ICT Networks, we love JunOS and want to share the love with you.

If you know IOS, you are 90% of the way there. Our Junos Start Program is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge and bridge this gap in just one day. Our course addresses the needs of the iOS-trained engineer by providing a side-by-side comparison of configurations and techniques in both iOS and JunOS.

ICT Networks invites you to attend our free one day course hosted in North Sydney. The course will include 5 labs throughout the day to ensure you receive hands-on experience with key features of the Junos platform.

If you are too busy at the moment, don’t stress, we will be holding the Junos Start Program once a month.


For available dates please head to: Register


What the students said...

“…. this course was very useful and informative. I’m sort of a Cisco fan, but this training opened the opportunity of working with Juniper along with Cisco devices for me. I touched the Junos OS and found it very user-friendly. The presentation was very friendly and lab facilities configured properly.  I appreciate the course and the arrangement.”
” I’ve been around 20+ years in networking and have seen my share of good and bad presentations in that time. Considering the amount of material that needed to be covered in a single day, Paul did a great job of keeping interest while maintaining a quick pace, not to mention the good laugh he provided. The day’s presentation exceeded my expectation, and certainly provides the motivation to continue my learning of Junos. I will certainly be recommending this to any colleagues with similar interest.”

All students will receive free copies of the Student Guides and Lab Guides for this course. 

The course consists of the following subjects:

  • Junos OS Overview

  • Introduction to the Junos OS CLI

  • Advantages of the Junos OS CLI

  • Interface Configuration

  • Routing with Junos OS

  • OSPF on Junos OS

  • BGP on Junos OS

  • Conclusion

The Junos Start Program is hosted at:

Juniper Networks Training Room

Level 6 /60 Miller St

North Sydney, NSW, 2060


For available dates please head to: Register

For available dates please head to: Register

For more information, please contact ICT Networks