At ICT Networks, the same engineer who designs and deploys your network will also be responsible for its support.

 Our expertise and understanding means any network issues are quickly identified and addressed, resulting in minimal disruption and cost savings.


Forget about wanting ‘one throat to choke’ – you’ll want one hand to shake. And we’re right here in Sydney

Strike the right balance between risk and cost

We all know that network downtime results in lost productivity, time and money.

ICT Networks’ maintenance, support and monitoring services can help you balance costs against risks. We offer you predictable costs and a framework for efficient resource allocation through a choice of traditional 24/7 support, E-Support and service automation.


This is more than a simple break-fix service. We’ll help ensure you meet network demands with the right mix of technical and operational support, keeping your network running reliably and protecting your investment. 


Our highly skilled and certified technicians boast extensive expertise in managing multi-platform and multi-vendor ecosystems. No matter what your environment, ICT Networks knows how it works.

“I took great confidence from how rapidly I got responses back from ICT Networks and at no time did I feel that we were dealing with salesmen driven just by money”

– Richard Jones, ICT Manager, Sydney Shore School.

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Protect your business from risk


Our flexible service-level options are designed to prevent problems and quickly resolve issues.


  • 99.999% network uptime still equates to 5.26 minutes of downtime a year. Can’t afford it? No worries. ICT Networks will provide you with on-site or remote support engineers who will respond rapidly to any network events.

  • Does your organisation experience bursts of high-intensity network activity? We can scale network support up and down to comfortably meet fluctuating requirements. In other words, nobody will #breaktheinternet while we’re in charge.

  • Is self-diagnosis of network issues a must-have for your business? Our automated incident reporting service can significantly reduce your organisation’s mean time to resolution (MTTR), resulting in greater network availability.

  • Can’t do without maximum visibility over network-related activity? We’ll provide you with a customised management portal that lets you track and monitor everything – from traffic logs to equipment upgrades, replacements and repairs – including call log dates and details.