What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is an overlay technology that allows enterprises to flexibly and securely connect users to applications via the most cost efficient source of connectivity available. This enables enterprises to augment or replace MPLS networks with secured broadband Internet connectivity by delivering a secure, controlled and optimised overlay across much lower cost enterprise grade internet links.



Traditionally the era of software-defined-everything (or SDN) has been focused on the datacentre.

And although SDN has quickly been adopted by Service Providers and Telco’s of the like, enterprise has struggled to get on board the SDN wagon (Finally a SDN solution that makes sense to corporates).


However, the datacentre is not the only component of IT that could benefit from software-defined technology. Enterprise wide area networks (WANs) have traditionally been major sources of cost and complexity for organisations.

Although utilising a service providers MPLS network to string together a number of remote offices and branches is highly effective and provides enterprises with a number or connectivity options, security and QoS SLA’s- it is also very expensive. SD-WAN can dramatically reduce these costs. 


Build an SD-WAN with Broadband

Save up to 60% in WAN costs by deploying secure, optimized broadband connectivity

MPLS made sense when applications were only hosted in the datacentre. But today, applications have moved into the cloud, and companies want to operate at “cloud speed.” With today’s reality of cloud-based applications, MPLS is no longer sufficient to address today’s WAN requirements.






But what if you could:

…use Internet to augment MPLS, and cut costs as much as 90%?

…switch carriers, mix and match, or even replace MPLS with broadband?

…simplify branch connectivity and deploy a branch in minutes, not months?

…satisfy users with consistent and reliable private-line-like performance?


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The Industry’s Most Complete, High-Performance Broadband and Hybrid WAN Solution




 Rapidly and non-disruptively augment or replace MPLS with broadband connectivity.

Visibility & Control

 See all applications, and centrally assign business intent policies to secure and control all traffic.


Improve end-user satisfaction and dramatically enhance application performance.


Reduce connectivity and equipment costs by up to 60% by moving to Internet connectivity.

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