Survival in the Changing Landscape of Enterprise IT
PwC research uncovers new urgency for datacentre transformation.
Automate your entire network, and take the next step toward multi-cloud
Finalise your short list of networking vendors to consider today.

From cloud to multi-cloud

Minimise complexity, risk, and cost in multi-cloud environments.

Uncover the Benefits of Automation

A recent PwC survey conducted among enterprise IT leaders reveals a significant shift in the top priorities they have for datacentre networking solutions, including:

  • What the shift from on-premise to public cloud means for your enterprise
  • Enterprises; top criteria when purchasing data center network equipment
  • What increasing IT spend on software-defined networking (SDN) means

From cloud to multi-cloud

Today’s datacentres are highly virtualised and span multiple geographies and clouds. You need the ability to apply consistent policies and operations across your network and manage your resources as a single, cohesive infrastructure. You need to orchestrate the policies for your workloads wherever they’re running and control your network end to end.


Our datacentre solutions allow you to secure, see, orchestrate, and connect your network. They use a common operating system and a single open orchestration platform, helping you manage the complexity of operating in multiple, heterogenous environments.

eBay blends Cloud & SDN to Accelerate New Services

A side-by-side look at the top enterprise networking choices.

How do the top IP networking options – Cisco, Extreme, Arista, HP Enterprise (HPE), and Juniper – compare across key factors, now that IT’s role is becoming more strategic?

  • Who’s doing what to enhance security and combat modern cyber criminals?
  • What ways do they promote agility through scalability?
  • How can they help you move toward successful automation?

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