Is your business ready for Northwest rail line closures?

From inconvenience to opportunity: empowering your remote workforce during Northwest rail line closures

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Escape the traffic gridlock.

Commute times between Epping and Chatswood are set to skyrocket when the Northwest rail line closes for upgrades in late 2018.

Would you rather your employees spend twice as long in traffic?

Or could they work remotely until works are complete?

Remote work is a smart move during rail line closures.

Here’s why:

  • Improve productivity – research shows that working remotely increases productivity by 13 percent
  • Maintain employee job satisfaction – a 20-minute increase in commute time affects job satisfaction as much as a 19 percent pay cut
  • Reduce the amount of time your employees spend sitting in traffic each day

Next Generation Secure Access is Here.

Mobility and BYOD create security challenges: Pulse Secure gives IT the tools to manage them.

Secure access from anywhere, any device with centralised management and visibility.


Get the right IT Infrastructure to support remote work.

Our preferred remote work solution is Pulse Secure’s secure access solution. It provides cost-effective, secure, authenticated access via SSL VPN, so employees can:

  • Access your corporate network 24/7
  • Click and connect from any device, anywhere
  • Work from home or temporary satellite office
  • Quickly upload and download corporate resources
  • Avoid introducing new security threats

What makes Pulse Secure great?

We provide industry-leading solutions to empower seamless mobility via our line of virtual private network, network access control and mobile security products.

Fewer security breaches

Fewer security breaches

Minimise the risk of security breaches and threats including via mobile devices and cloud services.

 Maintain security standards

Maintain security standards

Ensure all devices meet a minimum security and patching level prior to connection to the network.

 Reliable and easy to use

Reliable and easy to use

Simple, no-fuss administration and ‘click and connect’ functionality makes Pulse Secure simple for all employees.

 No complicated passwords

No complicated passwords

Single sign-on means employees have one less thing to think about.

Fast deployment

Fast deployment

Act now and have your Secure Access solution up and running well in advance of rail line closures.

Download our free white paper:

From inconvenience to opportunity: empowering your remote workforce during Northwest rail line closures.

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