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Innovation starts with simplicity.

Networking is in our DNA.

Let us show you how.

Today, your compute and store environment is much more then just servers in racks.

Not only do you need to migrate between virtual, physical, internal and external resources but you need to remain agile to the ever-changing demands of the enterprise.


The ability to extend services into the cloud has become critical to the growth and flexibility of most IT departments, empowering enterprises to grow beyond the limitations of locally available resources.


ICT Networks can provide solutions from simple, single servers for point deployments, all the way through to highly redundant, geographically disperse and failure tolerant system:

Compute Infrastructure

Servers that scale from a single RU thru to multi-rack blade deployments with single-pane-of-glass management capabilities.

Hybrid Cloud

Leveraging both a private and public cloud allows for rapid growth and flexibility within your organisation, ICT Networks has the tools and knowledge to help you find the path.

Private Cloud

We can provide the technology to allow organisations to build private cloud infrastructure, leveraging software defined-anything type technologies.


We can install and integrate a wide variety of management platforms.


Our compute systems are hypervisor agnostic.

Public Cloud

We can consult and recommend on public cloud infrastructure that best fits your needs.

Storage is much more then just about how much data you can retain.


Speed, flexibility, integrity of data and many other factors combine together to define how well your storage infrastructure works for you. Throw in software-defined and you have one complex environment on your hands.


ICT Networks work in these types of complex environments every day, let us show you how you can optimise your investment.


ICT Networks can provide solutions and consulting services for your storage environment:


Whether its traditional fibre channel storage, FCOE or iSCSI.


Just need a box that can hold windows shares or supply NFS mounts? We have you covered.


Do it right, you reap the rewards. Do it wrong, you are burdened with complex management. Let us show you how.


Equally important as the data you store.


From 1tb and well beyond the petabyte, ICT networks has solutions that cover any scale.


From high speed SSD based storage and storage tiering to near-line storage, we have solution that cover all bases.


Understanding the health of your storage infrastructure.


Because we know you can’t afford downtime.

Networking is in our DNA.

Let us show you how.

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