Local Engineers

Global Experience

We’re ICT Networks.

Maybe you haven’t heard of us before, but that’s a good thing.


Like a favourite café or fishing spot, the people who use us want to keep us all to themselves.


Seriously, we’re that good.

What we do?

Based in Sydney, ICT Networks is the best-kept secret for some of the biggest names in banking, internet service providers (ISPs), telecommunications and the public sector.


These organisations rely on us to design, implement, operate and manage their networks. We provide technical expertise to resolve issues, scale up resourcing, assist with complex projects and generally make everyone’s life easier.

Size Does Matter.

Our technical consulting team is small and agile –
we aren’t mired in layers of management and can quickly respond to your business needs.


Because we’re small, you can:

Speak directly to the people who are doing the work for you.

Access the right people when you need them – including our engineers and administrative support staff.

Be assured of our autonomy – we are independently owned and managed, so we don’t have an agenda to push certain products.

Keep the same consultant – our low staff turnover means that over time we build a strong understanding of your business and its requirements.

Local Engineers with Global Experience

We don’t just let any old engineers work at ICT Networks.

Our engineer-selection process is tough:

Successful candidates must have Level Three certification in their areas of expertise.

They must be business-minded and have previous experience working at the world’s best technology firms.

They have to be able to hold a decent conversation about something other than Skyrim.

Our engineers are based in ICT Networks’ own support centre in Sydney, which is configured to guarantee best-practice networking, monitoring and security. From the early stages of consultancy through to project management and ongoing support, our engineers can help address your unique business challenges.

Networking is in our DNA.

Let us show you how.

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