The ’80s called.

They want their router back.

Hear that? It’s your pager. It says your router is obsolete.

Modern business runs in the cloud. But traditional WAN routers weren’t made for that.
SD-WAN liberates enterprises from the cost, complexity and headaches associated with traditional router-centric WAN infrastructure.

Traditional router-centric WAN architectures were architected in an era when applications were hosted exclusively in the datacentre.

Legacy WAN architectures make the process of deploying new applications or provisioning new policies or making policy changes an arduous task. Configuration, deployment and management requires specialised on-premise IT expertise at each location to manually configure each router using a CLI that was invented in the 1980s. This process is lengthy, complex, error-prone, costly and inefficient.

Meet Wayne. He loves everything from the ’80s.

Except the Technology.

Stop getting routered.

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Hold the phone.


SD-WAN is an overlay technology that allows enterprises to flexibly and securely connect users to applications via the most cost efficient source of connectivity available. This enables enterprises to augment or replace MPLS networks with secured broadband Internet connectivity by delivering a secure, controlled and optimised overlay across much lower cost enterprise grade internet links.

Traditionally the era of Software-Defined-Everything (SDN) has been focuses on the datacentre.

And although SDN has quickly been adopted by Service Providers and Telco’s of the like, enterprise has struggled to get on board the SDN.


However, the datacentre is not the only component of IT that could benefit from software-defined technology. Enterprise wide area networks (WANs) have traditionally been major sources of cost and complexity for organisations.

Although utilising a service providers MPLS network to string together a number of remote offices and branches is highly effective and provides enterprises with a number or connectivity options, security and QoS SLA’s- it is also very expensive. SD-WAN can dramatically reduce these costs.

Save money and lose the hassle of routers by switching to SD-WAN.

  • Easily connects users to the cloud
  • Simplifies IT operations
  • Integrates SD-WAN, WAN optimisation, routing and security
  • Eliminates link interruptions, brownouts and blackouts
  • SilverPeak’s EdgeConnect is application-driven, so it automatically learns and adapts to constantly changing network conditions. It’s no wonder, it’s the preferred choice for over 500 corporations around the world.

Stop getting routered.

Learn more about SD-WAN.

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