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However, you don’t need to wait until disaster strikes to reap the benefits of having an expert outsourced team manage your network for you.

Here are 5 reasons why partnering with network specialists under a managed services agreement could make perfect sense for your business…

1. Reduce unplanned downtime

What does downtime cost your business? Whether you measure it in lost revenue, wasted product, or reputational damage, any situation where your network is unavailable to users will have an impact.

Equipped with a managed services agreement, you can elect to have network experts monitor your systems 24/7; actively looking for issues whenever they arise, and resolving them before they impact your business.

2. Plan for business continuity

How much of your day to day is concerned with managing risk around staff availability, holidays, or the prospect of key personnel leaving and taking their valuable knowledge with them?

You can circumvent these issues by outsourcing your networking needs to specialists who are always available, which then frees up existing staff who can stop fighting fires and focus on activities that add real value to your business and bottom line.

3. Provide higher network capacity at a lower cost

What does it cost your business when you want to introduce a new technology or undertake a special project and need to retain a highly qualified engineer?

At ICT Networks, our managed services clients get access to our entire brains trust – including certified technical experts who specialise in an extensive range of networking technologies. Instead of paying a high salary for an FTE, a managed service gives you access to a whole pool of engineers at your disposal who have specialist expertise across multiple areas and solutions.

As they say – 10 heads are better than 1!

4. Predictability and scalability

How do you budget for all the various elements that go into managing your network?

Managed services agreements make this super easy with a predictable set cost which you can budget for annually and pay how you want to (i.e.: monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or yearly).

When your business grows and you need additional services, simply scale your managed services agreement to factor in your new requirements and vice versa.

5. Transparency and control

Do you worry that committing to a managed services agreement will mean you lose control of your network?

While this is the case with some providers, at ICT Networks we are only ever as involved as you want us to be. All of our managed services clients get access to our Customer Service Centre: a portal where they can lodge and view support cases, tickets, maintenance contracts, install base, plus loads more at the click of a button.

You can also retain full control of your network, and we’ll simply ensure all activities are logged. That way if you make a change that works, we can document it for you.

Be sure to choose the right managed services provider.

The key to finding the right managed services provider is to look for a company that values honesty and flexibility, and employs the right people with the expertise and experience that align with your business goals.

At ICT Networks, our engineers are as genuine as they come. As one of our customers said “ICT Networks’ team is easy to work with – I pick up the phone and say what I need and I can trust them to sort it out. They’re also very transparent; I never feel like there’s any wordsmithing, they just take care of what we need.”

We offer customised managed services agreements that range from simple break fix monitoring to full service packages that include onsite engineers.
To learn more about managed services agreements with ICT Networks, please get in touch.