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While this may not be a problem when everything is running smoothly, it can end up having serious impacts if an issue unfolds. This is why it’s important to stay engaged and on top of your support contracts, regardless of where your hardware is in its lifecycle.

If you currently use Juniper Networks’ products and solutions, here are 5 tips to ensure you get the most out of your Juniper support contracts…

1. If you raise a support ticket, always give detailed and relevant information upfront

When an issue occurs, time is of the essence and having to go backwards and forwards with a support engineer will only waste your time and effort.

To accelerate a resolution, ensure you include all of the following when you raise a support ticket:

Combined, this information will give the engineer a strong head start in identifying the cause of the issue and how to resolve it.

2. Update your install base locations

At the onset of your support contract, you will have specified an install base for your hardware. If you move the hardware, it’s important to keep this information up to date as it may impact your hardware replacement SLAs.

SLAs are set based on the availability of support services in the region you specify at the start of the contract. If you move hardware across the country, it could be legitimately impossible to get you a replacement part within the original timeframe specified – so your hardware SLA may not be met if you don’t update your details regularly.

To update this information, simply log in to the Juniper support portal or ask your preferred partner to do it for you.

3. Leverage automation

Automation allows your team to focus on your core business, which is essential for saving time and resources.

ICT Networks has developed automated processes, specific to Juniper equipment, that automatically capture information when specific thresholds are reached. This allows us to manage the support process from start to finish, so your team doesn’t need to lift a finger.

4. Work with an invested and certified partner

Prevention is better than cure, but we know you have more important things to worry about than keeping a constant eye on all the individual components that make up your network.

As a Juniper Elite Partner, we can manage oversight and issue resolution for you, so you can focus on strategic initiatives that drive innovation and improve business outcomes rather than routine maintenance tasks.

5. Understand your support contract options

Understanding your support contract options is crucial because it can have a significant impact on your network's reliability, security and performance.

Different contracts offer different levels of coverage, support, and access to resources – be it 24/7 support, business hours only, access to a dedicated account manager, basic email or phone support, enhanced limited lifetime warranties, and so on.

In selecting the right support contract options, it will help you avoid unexpected costs and ensure you have the resources needed to maintain a high performing network over the long term.

ICT Networks have a free tool that will generate an End of Support Status Report for every Juniper Networks device in your network: End of Support Status Report

To learn more about getting the most out of your Juniper support contracts, please get in touch.