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At ICT Networks, we pride ourselves on operating at the pioneering edge of networking technologies. 

These networks can detect and respond to anomalies in real-time, making it possible to:

Ultimately, self-driving networks can help businesses stay competitive by enabling faster innovation, better customer experiences, and increased operational efficiency.

The application of AI and machine learning in networking is vast and exciting, and many experts believe it is critical in the fight against the constant advancements in cyber hacking techniques that aim to penetrate networks worldwide.

With the ever-increasing complexity of cyberattacks, traditional security measures are no longer sufficient, and network administrators need advanced tools that can detect and respond to threats in real time. This is where AI and machine learning (ML) come in, providing the capability to analyse vast amounts of network data and identify patterns that indicate potential security risks. By leveraging AI and machine learning, organisations can better protect their networks and valuable data, ultimately reducing the risk of cyberattacks.

As an Elite Juniper Partner, we’ve had the privilege of watching Juniper Networks grow its capability in the area of AI and ML, particularly with the release of Mist AI which is now revolutionising the way businesses manage their networks.

Juniper’s Mist AI addresses the modern complexity of the user edge and digital componentry, vastly simplifying everything from configuration to remediation and everything in between.

Continual and deep learning by Mist AI’s virtual network assistant, Marvis, supports IT teams to provide a faster and more efficient service while freeing them up to focus on higher level tasks.

In addition, Mist AI proactively identifies and remediates issues to optimise network health and service assurance. Some of the ways it does this is via:

In terms of engineering a network that knows what’s next, Juniper’s Mist AI is leading the way with its AI-driven network solutions that provide unparalleled visibility, automation, and insights into network performance.

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, we can’t wait to see what’s next!

To learn more about how Juniper Networks incorporates AI and ML for a future-proof network, please get in touch.