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This means IT teams are constantly burdened with critical but low value maintenance and management tasks such as:

As such, they not only have limited time to innovate, but can become restless and feel undervalued – leading to a revolving door of IT staff who are especially essential given our nation’s serious and ongoing skills shortage.

Embracing innovation-first

Although it may seem easier said than done, it is possible for a long-established business with deeply entrenched practices to become an innovative trailblazer.

In taking concrete steps to eliminate hack work by leveraging new technologies, businesses can free up their internal resources to engage in creative thinking, research and future planning.

Automating network management tasks is a great place to start. Many of the activities associated with keeping the lights on can easily and seamlessly be managed by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

For example, Juniper’s Mist AI combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science to optimise user experiences and simplify operations.

Some of the ways it does this is through:

WiFi automation – Mist AI leverages AI and machine learning to intelligently manage and optimise wireless networks for seamless connectivity and enhanced user experiences.

Network automation – Mist AI uses automation and machine learning to help IT teams manage network services, detect and resolve issues, and optimise network performance.

AI-driven analytics – Mist AI incorporates real time network performance monitoring and analytics to deliver meaningful insights to IT teams who can harness these for strategic planning.

AI-powered traffic-management and monitoring tools – Mist AI’s traffic-management and monitoring tools help resource-constrained network teams cope with the complexity and fragility of multi-cloud, distributed networks.

As you journey towards becoming a data-driven and AI-powered business, the outcomes you can achieve are likely to far exceed your expectations. Be it improved productivity, efficiency, decision making, staff retention and your competitive edge, now is the time to embrace advancing technologies that have the power to help you achieve all of these and more.

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