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Having operated at the cutting edge of new technologies for decades, Juniper Networks understands the importance of simplifying both design and deployment so their customers can start realising value from their investments sooner.

In keeping with this commitment, Juniper Networks recently announced the release of a new cloud-hosted campus fabric workflow which further accelerates time to service and minimises troubleshooting costs.


Put simply, Juniper’s Mist AI Zero Touch Provisioning feature does it all for you. It automates the onboarding of new wired switches and Wi-Fi APs to your network, meaning all you need to do is:

The Juniper Mist Cloud architecture will automatically recognise the device and uses pre-configured templates to automate configuration.

For busy IT teams, this means:

No more manual searching or configuration – saving time and eliminating the potential for human error. Configuration is completed according to best practice, with automated group-based policies and micro-segmentation to enhance security of applications and IoT devices.

Centralised management – all switches and APs can be centrally managed through Mist AI’s intuitive dashboards, providing full oversight and the ability to quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise.

Advanced analytics – Up and running in an instant, Juniper Mist’s AI-driven analytics will immediately start to monitor network performance, identify issues, and provide recommendations to improve network operations.

In addition, Juniper Networks’ virtual network assistant (Marvis) is instantly available to transform the way IT teams interact with their network. Via a conversational interface, Marvis makes it easy to:

The various components of Juniper Mist work together across wired access, wireless access and SD-WAN domains – providing incredible client-to-cloud insight and optimisation.

Businesses can achieve a comprehensive AI-driven campus switching solution, with the full benefit of a seamless, standards-compliant L2/L3 fabric, but without the deployment headaches and operational costs.

These additions to Juniper's award-winning portfolio are delivering even more scale, performance and security to the AI-driven enterprise…while rapidly accelerating time to value.

To find out how you can deploy Juniper Networks’ Mist AI quickly and effortlessly, please get in touch.