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When it comes to your managed services agreement with a networking company, taking the time to assess if it’s still working for you is critical to keeping your business running efficiently and effectively.

When you do complete your review, consider these 4 tell-tale signs that it may be time to re-consider your options…

1. Your provider lacks the expertise you need

There’s nothing more frustrating than relying on an outsourced provider, only to have them not be able to assist with your most pressing issues.

If you’ve endured 12 months of frustrating support, or a lack thereof, it’s time to look elsewhere.

At ICT Networks, we only employ Level 3 certified engineers who have extensive experience across a wide range of disciplines. We’re able to help with everything from complex implementations to network security, cloud networking, wireless networking, datacentres, and much more.

2. You’re unsure if the service provides value for money

You should never be left wondering if your managed services provider is offering real value for money. If you are, it’s time to re-consider the agreement.

Some signs that you’re not getting good value for money are being charged for even the shortest phone conversation, being told everything you need done is outside scope, or not having access to quality engineers within the company.

It doesn’t hurt to talk to a new network solutions provider to find out how they can compete on price and service. This will give you a solid foundation to assess your existing agreement and decide if you should re-commit or move on.

3. They’re not flexible

At ICT Networks, we know our clients love the flexibility we offer – and that’s why we love to offer it! We know every business has different requirements and budgets, and your provider should know this too.

If you believe your managed services agreement isn’t giving you the flexibility you need – and there’s no opportunity to resolve it – it’s time to look elsewhere.

4. They can’t scale with you

Sometimes, smaller managed services providers are a great option when your business is also small. However, as you grow, your provider needs to grow too. If they don’t, it can leave a gaping hole between the services you need and the services they can provide.

At ICT Networks, we support some of the biggest brand names in Australia. Our team is small enough to provide an agile service, and robust enough to offer all the expertise you need.

Here are some kind words from our clients…

“ICT Networks is very reliable because I know I can go to them and get it done. While other vendors can be a bit of a hit and miss, I’ve never had any misses with ICT Networks.” - Network Engineer at Frasers Property

“Engaging ICT Networks is one of the best decisions we’ve made. It has really helped us to have the knowledge and expertise of all their engineers at our disposal.” - Director of Broadcast, Content and Production Operations at FOX SPORTS

“ICT Networks is lean and agile, and always provides the deep customer focus we want. It’s a natural fit.” - Head of Technology at Macquarie Telecom

What have you got to lose?

Don’t waste another year with a provider who doesn’t meet your needs. Have a chat with our specialist team and find out how our managed services agreements compare with your current provider.

To learn more about ICT Networks’ services, please get in touch.