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As an Elite Partner of Juniper Networks, ICT Networks was recommended to Frasers Property to augment their internal team’s knowledge and skills, and provide ongoing networking support.


Grant Barnes, Network Engineer at Frasers Property, says the ability to make changes or upgrades to the network was crucial yet it was a capability they didn’t have. “Anytime we needed to make a change to the existing network, it would take 6 weeks. Now we can make a change in 20 seconds. It’s exactly where we wanted to be from a networking perspective, and we knew Juniper Networks would help us get there.”

Grant says the team chose Juniper due to their open standards and simplified operating system. “We rebuilt our entire core network with all Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) links and now use Juniper products for routing and data switching, and are gearing up to rebuild our wireless network.”

After the initial set up, Grant’s team sought to partner with a local networking company with extensive expertise in Juniper’s products. “Our Juniper manager introduced us to ICT Networks because he thought we would be a good fit. He was right and we’ve been with ICT Networks ever since!”

“We rely on ICT Networks to support us with a range of networking-related projects and the relationship works really well. If we don’t have the in-house skills or experience I can reach out and say we need help and there’s always someone who can help us.”

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