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Ronnie Contractor, Head of Technology at Macquarie Telecom, says “Our core network had evolved over many years, and we needed to modernise the architecture and design to support high availability, performance, scale and security”.

“We had several goals, which also included uplifting the diversity of service providers and improving our fault-tolerance capabilities within our core infrastructure. If we had service interruptions, it simply wasn’t acceptable to us to sustain service disruptions for our customers through the presence of any single points of failure.”

Macquarie Telecom’s new network included Juniper Networks’ Universal Routing Platform and Junos  operating system to ultimately deliver advanced reliability, security, speed, simplicity and flexibility.

“Now our network is highly scalable and we can add new capacity as bandwidth grows, without having to build in anything new. If there is a fault, it’s contained in our assurance function so we can undertake remediation work without impacting our customer’s services”.

“We can rely on the integrity of redundancy, upgrade easily, and trust that we have an underlying platform which supports innovation.”

Of working with ICT Networks, Ronnie says the project has brought the businesses much closer: 

“Macquarie Telecom is founded on customer relationships, and we expect those same values from our partners. We rely on them to have expertise in their own products and solutions so we can achieve our business goals”.

“ICT Networks has been on the journey with us for many years and there is strong familiarity between our teams. They’re just easy to work with – I pick up the phone and say what I need and I can trust them to sort it out. They’re also very transparent; I never feel like there’s any wordsmithing, they just take care of what we need.”

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