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Are your networks ready for the cloud?

Your CEO goes away to a conference and returns ecstatic. Bursting into the IT department, they say, “I’ve just been at a conference and learned all about the cloud. It’s cheaper and faster and will allow our teams to collaborate better, while being able to work from anywhere. How do we make [...]

Architecting a Network Design That Delivers

When it comes to networks, there’s no such thing as set and forget. Your network design and architecture are essential for keeping your business equipped to move forward and maintain industry momentum as well as guarding your competitive advantage. It is therefore imperative for your business [...]

Is the firewall dead?

Not according to two of the top four selling vendors in the market. Both Juniper Networks and Palo Alto Networks have presented their vision for the evolution of the Firewall with their partners in early 2016 and their plans share some remarkable similarities!   Lets face it…. Even with [...]

A switch, is a switch, is a switch… Or is it?

Like death and taxes, the commoditisation of products, over time, is a given in our industry. You only have to look to the impact that Intel has had on the server and storage market, as a prime example. Unfortunately for us (uh hem) as resellers, we will feel the pain right alongside vendors [...]

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